Ica setahun yang lalu mungkin akan kasih judul post ini dengan “I’m Doing This For Me” instead of what I choose now. Gue seegois itu emang, but in my defence, hidup udah kelamaan jahat sama gue juga sih, jadi yaudah biar masih ada semangat gue mau hidup untuk diri sendiri aja, screw everyone else. Tapi hari ini gue sadar, kalau hidup untuk selain diri gue sendiri tuh ternyata bisa kasih kepuasan yang sama besarnya dengan I’m doing this for me aja. Ini masuk character development gak sih??

The future is bright, I really like that word. It sounds nice and hopeful, something I didn’t reach out to back in the days. And so, dear self, you really went from a spoiled brat that got whatever you want, to not be able to say anything, to slowly back to how it used to, and now here you are, all from your hardwork. I hope you don’t take everything for granted. Don’t forget your own terms and conditions, and please do not lose yourself in the middle.

The future is bright, and that’s not exclusive for you. Don’t forget to get your mum and dad something nice at least once a year, also your siblings. Make sure you help fellow women like that little idea in your mind. If you still want to see the ugliest part of this country, go ahead and study it first, give the best only, okay? Help the unfortunate, though only you of course can’t make their future bright, you ain’t billionaire, but at least you can light up their day. Cats too, jangan itong aja.

The future is bright, and is not exclusive for you. Share it, even only in form of whiskas or any small happiness. Okay, self?

Humor and writing are on the top list of my coping mechanism, and you probably will encounter many of those here. (IG: @icaryda | TWT: @nisaryda)